And among the more unusual, names of Harry Potter characters have started appearing in lists - including Draco, Sirius and Bellatrix.

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"Awh, what a cute baby boy! What’s his name?"

[screaming noise]

Estelle Newborn - Port Lincoln.
I don’t think you understand how much I need this hoodie lol #mamabear
The answer to your big question!!!!!! WE ARE HAVING A GIRL!!!! 🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀#mceowenbabynumbertwo
We know the gender!!! Take your guesses now!!! #mceowenbabynumbertwo


There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who walk into a room and say ‘Here I am’ and those who walk into a room and say, ‘There you are.”

Ann Landers

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i just realized that “never” is a contraction of “not ever”

 and “blush” is a contraction of “blood rush”

also “studying” is a contraction of “student dying”

(Source: terrorkion)

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Erik & Haythan getting some Horse love! ❤️🐴 I love this picture of him❤️ @erikmceowen
The best birthday gift I have ever been given❤️  #timehop @erikmceowen
Look who is wearing big boy pants!!! #haythan