Lint rolling each other = how besties get ready hahahaah @erikmceowen
Only one more week until I am at the halfway point! Can’t believe I am almost halfway through this pregnancy😊

Info graphic time!

Thanks Montessori~~~
The land is where our roots are. The children must be taught to feel and live in harmony with the Earth.

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That’s his very serious measuring face hahahah #haythan #masterchefbaby
Haythan is Baking this morning #haythan #masterchefbaby
When Erik leaves for work, Haythan gives him kisses, walks him to the door, & waves goodbye until the car disappears. When Erik gets home, Haythan squeals and runs to give him hugs & a kiss! When Erik turns on the Xbox, Haythan runs and gets his own controller out of the entertainment stand, crawls up next to his Daddy on the couch, snuggles in, and starts playing the game with him. These two are adorable❤️ #daddysboy #haythan @erikmceowen
Cuteness overload😊 #haythan @fauxfi
I just found them like this hahahah #haythan @fauxfi
Pajama party at my house this morning!! #haythan @fauxfi

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It’s cool hair, I don’t need to see…. Or breathe hahaha
What taking pictures with a toddler is like hahaha #haythan #parentlife
Guys, I’m five months pregnant today!!! #mceowenbabynumbertwo